How We Generated Over £16,200 In Sales Within A Few Months, Without Being In The Top 3 Of Google Searches

Pay Weekly Beds Blinds & Carpets came to us because they needed a brand new website to promote their service.

The brief was to build the site to get maximum conversions and to generate as much income as possible so they could move forward with their business.

The plan was simple, to minimise distractions and make traffic focus on one directive – to apply online and book a home visit without any fuss.

We did this by using anchor points in the nav bar to send the user to the parts of the website that mattered most, without moving them away from the page they were on.

Due to the fact that 80% of their traffic was going to be people on a mobile we had to make sure that the website loaded fast and was fully responsive. (works on any device).

It took around 2 weeks to get everything together and test to see how people behaved when they landed on the site, and then we put it live and started to drive traffic to it.

All the hard work we did with this website paid off for our client and they get on average 3-5 leads every day and have generated over £16,000 in sales within a few short months. All their traffic comes from Facebook, so when we’ve gone through the SEO side of things and got the site ranked in Google we can expect this number to increase dramatically.

Why did this work so well? It’s pretty simple really, you create an irresistible offer and present it to a hungry crowd! We promoted this website via Facebook groups because that’s where you’re more likely to find the people that would be interested in this service.

Those that can’t afford to pay out large sums of money for household items are looking to buy second hand, they’re always on the lookout for a bargain. Facebook buy and sell groups are where these type of people hang out.

The post we created grabs their interest and gives them the option to look at what the company has to offer in more detail. When they do, they see that they can get a new bed for a small deposit and pay it off without having extortionate interest charges added on top.

Then we make it easy for them to apply online instantly, and give them every opportunity to make it fast, easy and affordable to get what they want.

When you build a website that is designed to convert any traffic into leads and sales on a regular basis then everything else comes easy. You’ll be able to get people filling in your quote forms and calling your phone every single day: