Most small business homepages are filled with content that talks about themselves. Nobody cares about that! They don’t care how long you’ve been trading for, they don’t care what qualifications you have, they don’t care that you pride yourselves on your professional and affordable services.

Well, not yet anyway…

They care about what you can do for them and how you can solve the problem they have right now. In other words, your website should focus on the customer only.

Small business owners don’t have a clue about copywriting and how to make the words on their website sell their product or service the right way.

So what ends up happening is they talk about their company and their products, which is perfectly understandable.

What they need is a pair of professional eyes to go over their website and turn the words they use into benefit driven copy.

Put yourself in your customer shoes and ask yourself these questions about your website right now:

  • How does this service or product help me?
  • How will that affect my buying decision?
  • Why are you better than the competition?

Then go over your copy and see if you can improve it by finding out the answers to the above questions.

Humans are wired to care about themselves first and only care about businesses if they know they can help them get happier or save more time, or enjoy a better life.

Everything has to be about your customer, not you.

Here’s a classic example for you. Let’s say I’m looking for a dentist in London to sort my toothache out. We head to Google and type in “24 hr dentist London” and hit the search button.

I see your listing at the top and head over to your website. Instantly i’m greeted with how you have had a great education and have qualifications up to your elbows (or should that be teeth?)

There’s a big headline at the top of the page that says “We’re The Best Emergency Dentist In London” and a few snapshots of people grinning from ear to ear showing off their perfect set of teeth.

Fantastic, but so what?

Can I see myself in the copy of the site? Can I see how I’ll feel after having my tooth sorted? Can I feel what it will be like without this pain? Does the website put my mind at ease because I’m actually scared of the dentists?

Nope, nothing to make me think that you’re the best person for the job in hand. So what do i do? I head back to the search results and move onto the next listing. (which just happens to be your main competitor).

Straight away i’m greeted with this headline:

“Suffering from Toothache And Need The Pain Gone Fast Without The Fear Normally Associated With A Dentist? 

Boom! Now we’re talking mate! That’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for! You just got yourself a new customer.

See the difference? We put the customer first by addressing the problem they have, and make them feel at ease about their fear of dentists.

Now obviously you’d back that up with more copy that goes on about the benefits, but you can see where we’re going with this.

When your website focuses on the right message and is directed to the right audience— conversions happen.